Hussaria Trading, Premium Food Ingredients

Hussaria Trading, Ltd. Products & Ingredients

Spice Oleoresins:: From soups to sauces and condiments to anti-oxidants our oleoresins are of the highest quality.

Mustard Oil & Blends:: Array of blends tailored by our experts to your exact specifications.

Essential Oils:: Only the highest quality oils for your needs, wheterh for Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Health & Beauty products or Aromatherapy.

Fragrances:: Highest quality fragrances for all of your needs, from the production of Food & Beverages or Health & Beauty applications.

Flavors:: Only the best flavors for your Baking & Confectionaryand Food & Bevarge needs

Gums & Stablizers::FOr all of your needs, from Baking, Food & Beverage production or for any of of your Suace & Condiment needs.

Colors:: All of thte best natural and artificial colors you could need for a variety of uses, including Baking & Confectionary, Food & Beverage and Health & Nutrition.